I write based on what i feel and what i saw.

"There are many things that i wish i didnt spill it out. Hoping and expecting too much."
"Because at the end of the day, i’ll always be the blame."
"I think i need my time off. Goodnight moon, goodnight you."
"Well my heart just broke to pieces. Ha ha pity me. I’m strong enough. Yes i am."
"A bad day for me. I mean very. But. At least I’ve learnt something meaningful"
"Thanks to those who stay. those who treated me nicely eventhough i dont deserved it. Those who cheer up my days. Those who taught me how hard life is. Those who make me feels alive. Those who accept me just the way i am. Those who are willing to give their shoulders for me to cry on. God bless you guys. Whoever are you, i love you :) thankyou for making my life wonderful."
"Hello. Maybe today is just not my day. The day where i realize life isn’t that easy. Maybe i’m crying today. But i will never cry anymore tomorrow. Enough. Thanks for everything that you gave me dear God. I appreciate it. :’)"
"One day later, he will meet someone who is way better than me. And i’ll just watching he smiles from a distance."
"I hate to see that. I hate it. Life is cruel"
"I just want to be happy. But i guess if i keep on thinking of those bad memories i will never be happy. Sigh please help me. I want happiness. That’s all."
"It’s 9th people, its 9th of June. 9th.. :’)"